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  • I Wanna SMS Terms & Conditions

    I Wanna SMS, Campbelltown NSW (ABN 66 106 135 139), (herein,"us", "we", "our", "iwannasms.com.au"), agree to provide you, our customer, (herein, "you", "your"), with access to our SMS gateway under the terms and conditions as set out below.

    1. SMS Service
    As a registered customer you will be provided with access to our SMS web interface. Your account will not become active until such time that you have purchased SMS credits or you have sufficient "free" credits available through our referral system.

    2. Web Access
    We will ensure that our website is accessible to you twenty four hours a day seven days a week, with the exception of server downtime, including, but not limited to; maintenance and/or unforeseen server errors or outages and/or other incidents that may occurr from time to time and are beyond our control. In such cases where access is unavailable we will take all necessary steps to bring the service online as quickly as possible. However, we will not be held liable for any injury, death, loss or damages to you or person(s) or property as a result of our server being inaccessible. Your I Wanna SMS account should not be relied upon or used for emergency communication purposes.

    3. Acceptable Use
    You agree that your I Wanna SMS account is for personal use only and you will not use your account to send; SMS spam, prank messages, threatening messages or other unsolicited messages or commercial promotions. If you are found to have breached this agreement your account will be suspended and you may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Business people may use their I Wanna SMS account to keep in touch with clients and associates with whom they have established an existing relationship.

    3.1 By registering for a I Wanna SMS account you agree to use your account in a responsible manner. Any attempts you make to obtain credits by any of the following means will result in immediate termination of your account. Any existing unused credits in your account will forfeited; sending unsolicited requests to people you do not have an existing relationship with, attempting to "hack" your account or any other areas of our website, attempting to purchase credits with stolen credit card(s) or by any other methods that we deem to be fraudulent.

    4. Refunds
    Refunds will be issued in the case where you have registered your account and have "paid" credits remaining at the time you wish to terminate your I Wanna SMS account. To terminate your account you will be required to send your request through our contact form, indicating your username, the amount of credits remaining along with your banks BSB number and your bank account number. All refunds are returned to you via EFT to your nominated bank.

    4.1 Free credits obtained through our referral system or through our rewards system are not redeemable for cash.

    5. Transferring Accounts
    I Wanna SMS accounts are not transferrable between users.

    I Wanna SMS reserves the right to update these terms and conditions as necessary from time to time without notice.