Advantages of a using I Wanna SMS

I Wanna SMS  gives you the freedom to send SMS text messages from the internet quickly and efficiently. Whether you are sending just 1 message or 1 million messages, I Wanna SMS can help your company reach your valued customers with just the click of a button. SMS messaging is rapidly becoming the most powerful weapon in the marketing arsenal - it is the only communication medium capable of reaching groups of people instantaneously - regardless of where they are it is also recognized as the most cost effective and efficient marketing tools available today.

I Wanna SMS allows your customers to receive valuable information such as daily deals, up and coming events, ticket information and various other promotional material directly to their mobiles within seconds with minimal effort on your behalf. Why not join many of I Wanna SMS customers and witness this exciting business tool that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

Before using any other provider please compare us and our services

Features we can provide

Bulk SMS
Simply send your customer's messages directly to their mobiles letting them know of new promotions, upcoming promotions, direct marketing campaign etc.
Two Way SMS
Communicate with your customers through SMS where the customer can reply back with instructions on confirmation of delivery to your inbox, email account or both.
Web To SMS
Using our system allows you to log in and send your messages to your clients from any where around the world that has an internet connection.
Premium Number Messaging
Ever wondered how people can text their name and number to a 13 number and be entered into a draw well this is done through our Premium Number messaging.

Campaign Management
We can provide a representative to assist you with any forms of campaign management using SMS and Email marketing.
SMS Message Customisation
Do you have an application that doesn't suit regular SMS messaging maybe you want to send messages that include a rego number or a product code we can help you with this as well.